2024 Senior Fixtures

Below are links to the current fixtures as set out by the Union.
You are welcome to save the images for your own convenience and sharing with friends and family,
and on your social media (don’t forget to tag your favourite club on Instagram and Facebook).
These fixtures are correct as of 2 April 2024,
and may change due to unforeseen circumstances or as required by the Union.

Men’s Grand Challenge (MGC)
Men’s Grand Challenge Reserve (MGR)
Men’s 2nd League (M2)
Men’s 4th League (M4)

Ladies’ Grand Challenge (LGC)
Ladies’ Grand Challenge Reserve (LGR)
Ladies’ Town Challenge (LTC)
Ladies’ 3rd League (A Side) (L3)
Ladies’ 3rd League (B Side) (ConBerg Comets) (L3)

Masters’ A League (Legends)
Masters’ B League (Fellows)
Masters’ C League (Squires)